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A RECENT incident involving a job applicant and a Singaporean company has gained attention online.

The applicant, Sriram Suresh, shared his experience and screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation where the company demanded reimbursement for the coffee consumed during the interview.

According to Sriram, he had never encountered a situation where he was asked to pay for the coffee after declining a job offer.

He expressed his disappointment and found the company’s request unprofessional.

He sarcastically suggested that they inform future candidates about the policy of compensating for coffee if they decide not to proceed.

“I’ve been to quite a number of interviews but nobody has asked me to pay them back for a cup of coffee. Had I known I would have paid on the day itself, now it just seems unprofessional.

“Please do tell your next potential hires that they’re required to compensate for the coffee if they decide not to proceed any further. Leaves a bad taste done like this. Guess I dodged a bullet here, thanks for your time,“ he said.

However, the manager of the company eventually reached out to Sriram to address the issue.

The company’s management assured Sriram that they would handle the situation professionally and promised to refund his money.

Sriram acknowledged the possibility of it being an honest mistake, as the manager stated that it was not their usual practice.

The incident sparked discussions online regarding the etiquette of interviews conducted over coffee and who should bear the expenses.