IN a recent incident, a British couple travelling across Malaysia was approached by a traffic policeman in Perak who requested RM100 to supposedly ‘settle’ their summon.

Following this, another incident surfaced in Langkawi where another policeman was captured on camera offering a similar ‘discount’.

However recently, a viral video has been circulating on social media that is helping to restore Malaysians’ trust in the police force.

Reddit user @YourClarke shared a 13-second video which was recorded by a policeman, revealing how a driver attempted to bribe him with money after being pulled over for an undisclosed offence.

In the video, the policeman is seen recording his patrol motorcycle parked on the roadside, then turning the camera to a yellow Volkswagen Beetle that he had stopped.

The driver is visible, but the prior conversation is unknown. The policeman is heard saying, “Ha! Trying to offer me money? This guy is trying to offer me money (as a bribe).”

In response to the post and in many other social media, many Malaysians commended the police officer for his integrity, expressing that other members of the police force should follow his example.

Netizens highlighted that officers like him, exemplifying honesty, are the type of law enforcers Malaysians desire, distinguishing them from those recently arrested for various criminal offences.

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