X user @hanisyezu recently published a man’s anonymous tirade, calling him out for his selfish behaviour.

In the screenshot, the man chastised parents for bringing twin strollers to the mall and reportedly attempting to fit the strollers into the elevator even while it was full.

The guy stated, “They (parents) are so determined to squeeze into a full lift that they have asked others to exit.” They’re also the most ‘amazing’ parents who don’t know how to carry the infant, as if they’ll perish without your ridiculous twin strollers.

“Good lord this kind of person is so selfish and always wants to prioritise their genuine stupidity.”

As of the time of writing, the post had over 3,100 reposts and more than 2,600 likes, with many Malaysians calling him out.

In the X post itself, @hanisyezu stated, “If you’re not disabled, take the escalator.”

“Don’t scramble to get onto the elevator with parents using twin strollers. Lifts are prioritised for those with disabilities, pregnant women, and parents with strollers and kids. “You are the one who is selfish.”

Many Malaysians chimed in to criticise the guy, with one even presenting a photo from inside the mall’s elevator, indicating that parents are among those given priority while using the lift.

Furthermore, one individual pointed out that metal rods on escalators prevent the use of strollers, which may be dangerous. As a result, parents using strollers are given priority while using lifts.

Another netizen commented that he is still perplexed as to why a physically healthy human being would want to use the elevator in the first place.