UNREQUITED LOVE can be quite an upsetting experience especially if one has been pining for a certain someone for a very long time and doing whatever it takes to get their attention to attract their crush in hopes of dating them.

A woman recounted her experience of a former admirer reconnecting with her just to ask for the money he gifted her three years ago.

In her Facebook post, Tracy Tan shared that the man who had a crush on her had gifted her a birthday angpow worth RM1,000 three years ago.

She was quite taken aback when she received a message from the man, asking for the gift, or rather the money back as his business was not doing well.

“I have some problems with my business, and since we’re just friends, you can just return that RM1,000 back to me,” the man told Tracy in a voice message.

She mentioned in her post that she did try to return the money back to him but he told her to keep her “gift”.

Since she was driving at the time of receiving the message, she did not respond to his demand immediately and he proceeded to tell one of her friends to remind Tracy to return the RM1,000 to him.

“Have you heard of anyone asking the recipient to return a gift?” the friend asked Peter sarcastically.

He then replied with a simple: “Yes.”

Once Tracy read his text asking for the money, she then asked for his account number to which he also asked: “What time will you transfer the money to me?”

After returning the RM1,000 to his account, Tracy then imparted some wisdom to her former admirer through text.

“In the future, don’t give anything to a girl if you’re trying to get her to be your girlfriend. Some things are not returnable once they’re given out,” she said.

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