WITH an average salary of RM6,300 to RM7,500 according to Jobstreet, being a pharmacist might seem like a breeze to some.

A recent social media post on X by user @shxhrxlxr painted the picture of a pharmacist’s job as simply “packing medicines” and earning RM5,000 for it.

However, is this portrayal accurate? Let’s delve deeper.

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The post likely stemmed from a “work vlog” by a pharmacist showcasing their routine, which might have primarily focused on dispensing medication.

However, online snippets rarely capture the full picture.

Their work goes beyond the counter and can encompass tasks like drug research, procurement, storage, and distribution.

As one netizen aptly stated, “One wrong prescription and you’re done.” Pharmacists play a crucial role in ensuring medication safety, a responsibility far from “easy money.”

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Social media comments overwhelmingly disagreed with the initial perception of a pharmacist’s job.

Many highlighted the hidden complexities and pressures behind the seemingly simple task of dispensing medication.

So, what else is there to being a pharmacist? We invite our pharmacist friends to share their experiences and shed light on the true scope of this important profession!

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