A motorcyclist’s attempt to beat the toll booth by using a car lane backfired after he slammed into a descending boom gate.

The incident, captured on a dashcam video, is now viral on social media as it shows the impatient rider’s failed attempt .

As cars patiently lined up to pay the toll, footage reveals a motorcyclist dashing into the car lane but his attempt to zoom through the toll was abruptly cut short when the barrier started lowering directly in his path.

Unable to brake in time, the rider smashes straight into the descending gate, sending his motorcycle flipping end-over-end across the left side of the road pavement.

However, the clip then shows him incredibly picking himself up off the ground after the crash-landing and walking it off towards his wrecked bike on the roadside as if nothing happened.

While the rider somehow survived the stunt without appearing critically injured, many outraged netizens felt he got what he deserved for his rash riding.

X user, @JonathanWoodg18 commented: “The gov’t should mandate that all motorists pay tolls, regardless of vehicle size. Since they use the road, they should pay.”

“Should just ban motorcycles from highways if they avoid paying tolls and disrupt other vehicles,“ replied another user, @getoffend.

While it is common knowledge that motorcycles are not subjected to toll fares, @Buragas24028065 sarcastically suggested: “Please urge the government to create a motorcycle lane and impose toll charges, since these kinds of motorcyclists seem so eager to comply with toll payments.”

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