DURING pregnancy and childbirth, mother’s bodies are pushed to their limit and undergo some remarkable transformations to support the growth of a new life.

While the general advise to husbands of pregnant wives would be the usual to help their spouses with what needs doing around the house, one woman has gone viral for her unusual, expensive pregnancy request.

26-year-old Soudi Al Nadak has requested her millionaire husband, 32-year-old Jamal Al Nadak to pay her a luxurious allowance of USD 300,000 (RM1.39 million) per child.

In her latest ‘Get Ready With Me’ (GRWM) TikTok video which has so far chalked up to 3.8 million views, she explained to her viewers about her long list of pregnancy ‘non negotiables’.

Her impressive, hefty RM1.39 million allowance per child barely scratches the surface of her ‘non negotiables’ list, Soudi expects to be also granted full access to her husband’s credit card if she needs it.

“This will obviously include all of my therapy sessions, my physiotherapy, personal training, acupuncture, and obviously massages for the baby too,” she goes on to explain.

“I have to get back to being fit and healthy as quickly as possible for my millionaire hubby.”

Saudi reasoned her ‘charges’: “I really think that after all I put my body through, this is only fair for both me and for the baby.”

It doesn’t end there.

Her husband also has to present her with a designer handbag and a flashy car to drive around in.

“I have made it very clear what I expect. For example, I think it’s reasonable to be asking for more investment properties and obviously a Birkin - blue for a boy, pink for a girl.

“Also a new car just to match the mummy vibe and of course, this will be securing my own future, as well as the babies.”

Her long list ends with having her own hair and makeup team “just to make sure I look ten out of ten to receive my guests”.

Netizens flocked to the comment section with many stating, “I’m convinced this is satire” and “I can never tell if she’s joking or not”.

Many were split in their opinions about Soudi’s expectations of her husband with some stating that “I don’t need a ring to show I love someone. I’d take a packet of Haribo instead”.

But some came to Soudi’s defence commenting that, “Pregnancy and childbirth is so painful and traumatising. Do your thing”.

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