WITH the convenience of e-commerce, practically anything and everything is available online.

On top many of the products are being sold for a cheaper price than what one can find in physical stores.

However, as consumers, one should always do their research before buying products especially if it is too good to be true.

A young woman recent contracted an eye infection believed to be from contact lenses she had bought from an online store advertised on TikTok.

On Sunday (May 19), @azulacinta posted her video on TikTok showing the after effect of the contact lenses, showing her eyes that have turned really red and depicted signs of swelling, only to become worse later that day.

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The young woman also replied to a number of comments, explaining that this is the first time she had gotten an infection from contact lenses purchased on TikTok shop, since she had already used contact lenses purchased from online stores on TikTok without much issues.

“(I have) been using TikTok shop lenses for a few months and its (was) fine! But after this happened I’m never risking my sight again,” she said.

In a video update also on TikTok, her suspicions were confirmed by the doctor who told her that the infection was indeed caused by the contact lenses and paid S$17 (RM59) for her medical treatment.

After her trip to the doctor, she said her eyes started getting better although she continues to experience a “stinging” sensation.

In the video, she clarified that she has been wearing contact lenses for the past 11 years and has not once experienced such an infection, adding that she only used those contact lenses from TikTok shop for “not more than eight hours.”

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Following the incident, the young woman decided that she had learned her lesson from purchasing contact lenses from such online platforms.

“Moving forward, I will only buy (contact) lenses from a licensed optometrist to prevent this from ever (happening) again,” the video caption read.