IT was galling the Norziani Laily had to suffer the ignominy of sexual harrasment on the International Women’s Day, on March.

Speaking to mStar, the 25-year-old said she was on the train as early as 6am from Masjid Jamek to Sentul Timur station when the incident happened.

“I was on the LRT at 6am to join a run. I sat at one of the coaches at the end, where there was only an older lady, a man, and I. I didn’t realise what the man was doing at first, but I could clearly see that he was recording a video of me from the reflection of his phone screen on the window since it was still early and dark outside,“ she said.

She was shocked and immediately yelled at the 30-year-old man, asking him to delete the video while hitting the pole in front of her. She screamed at him in the hope that other passengers would be alerted of what was going on.

“He deleted the video straight away and begged for my forgiveness continuously. Everyone else was just watching,“ she added.

The man who got down at the same station as Norziani kept apologising to her before leaving the area.

Norziani added that she would consider lodging a police report, as this was not her first time she has been sexually harassed by men.

“I have been pestered many times ever since I was little. It has been over 10 times now by local and foreign men,“ she said on her Twitter account.

Some netizens replied to her tweet, blaming her attire for not being modest even though she explained that she was just wearing a normal sports attire, a t-shirt and a pair of long pants.

She urged people to stop putting the blame on the victims, and instead start questioning and focusing their outrage on perpetrators who prey on women.

Norziani also reminded women that it would probably be safer to only use the female’s coach and one that has more people.

“Stand close to a pole and try to use your bag or a jacket to cover your private areas,“ she said.