INFLATION has landed upon us, and it has obviously affected the cost of food items, leaving most eateries no choice but to hike up their menu prices.

A young man Adie, has shared his experience on Twitter of paying an exorbitant sum of over RM100 for satay (meat skewers) recently.

His order consisted of chicken and beef satay priced at RM2.90 and RM3.90 a stick, respectively in addition to two orders of nasi impit (packed rice) with onions which cost RM2.50 a set.

“My sister bought some satay. I just want to ask netizens here, is it expensive or cheap? Or standard pricing?” Adie asked in his post.

In the receipt, he also noticed that he was charged for the following year, with the date showing 12/03/2024, to which he jokingly said “I just noticed that they charged me with next year’s price or what? Look at the date.”

World of Buzz approached Adie and he recalled that he got the satay from a restaurant in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur; however, he planned to have satay for his late dinner at a later time.

“It was around 10pm, my sister and I were hungry. We were looking for food, but the satay restaurant was the only one that was still open,” he said.

He then explained that the restaurant had two versions of the satay, which were the Budget and Original.

“I took the original version. I thought the budget version was around 80 sen to RM1, and the original one around RM2 to RM2.50. But I was shocked when I paid for it,” he added.

Thankfully, Adie and his sister did enjoy their rather pricy meal as they thought that “they tasted pretty good”.

However, Adie said, without hesitating, that he will never return to the same place again.

“No, once is enough. I’ve had better satay at other places, which cost me around RM1 per stick,” he said.

Netizens were needless to say, shocked at the price and even well-known food blogger Ceddy gave his input in the comments section.

“The question of it being expensive or cheap is subjective, actually, according to our affordability- No, scratch that. This is ridiculously expensive! Is this Wagyu satay or what?” food blogger Ceddy commented.

“The price scares me,” another netizen chimed in.

“To me, it is expensive. The average price of chicken satay is below RM1.50 a stick. The satay at Dengkil R&R is really delicious, meaty and cheap. Once, I ordered 30 sticks of satay for around RM40,” a netizen recounted their experience of buying cheaper satay.

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