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Sundar C’s horror comedy franchise returns

ARANMANAI 4 marks the continuation of director Sundar C’s horror comedy saga, where he stars alongside Tamannaah Bhatia and Raashi Khanna as the primary characters. The narrative revolves around Saravanan (Sundar C) and Selvi (Tamannaah), siblings separated by familial discord. Strange occurrences unfold in Selvi’s house following her alleged suicide, prompting Saravanan to investigate. His inquiry leads to the revelation that Selvi was murdered by a non-human entity.

Mixed reactions

The announcement of Aranmanai 4 elicited mixed reactions from audiences, with some anticipating another instalment in the horror series while others expressed fatigue with the repetitive storyline. Despite the lukewarm reception of previous entries, the allure of horror cinema ensured continued interest.

Initially, Aranmanai 1 failed to impress, but its genre drew attention. Aranmanai 2, however, garnered praise for its engaging plot, talented cast, and effortless integration of comedy and horror elements. By the time Aranmanai 3 was announced, viewer enthusiasm had waned due to the predictable storyline and lackluster execution, signaling a need for reinvention.

$!Film is set in a palatial bungalow and it is centered on Tamannaah Bhatia’s role. – FILMCROWPIC

Despite apprehensions about Aranmanai 4 following the pattern of its predecessors, the film’s cast selection instilled curiosity. Surprisingly, the movie exceeded expectations, offering a more defined supernatural antagonist with motives beyond revenge. The narrative adeptly balanced horror, comedy and familial bonds, particularly evident in the heartwarming mother-child dynamics.

Stellar performances

Tamannaah’s stellar performance and effortless portrayal of her character impressed, although Raashi Khanna’s role was somewhat limited. Personally, Tamannaah shines the brighest in Sundar C’s horror franchise. Notably, the absence of unnecessary romantic subplots was commendable, allowing the story to focus on its primary themes.

The comedic elements, delivered by Kovai Sarala, Yogi Babu and VTV Ganesh, added entertainment value to the film, enhancing its overall appeal. Aranmanai 4 showcased Sundar C’s evolution in crafting horror sequences, featuring well-executed jump scares and a compelling ghostly presence.

$!Casting for the latest instalment piqued audience curiosity. – FILMCROWPIC

The cinematography contributed to the film’s immersive experience, utilising dynamic camera angles to heighten tension and suspense. While the soundtrack by HipHop Tamizha lacked standout tracks, it effectively complemented the narrative without overshadowing it.

The climactic sequence, featuring Saravanan’s confrontation with the ghost accompanied by a devotional song, stood out as a highlight, delivering an intense and chilling culmination. Additionally, the energetic dance sequence featuring actress Khushboo and Simran added grandeur to the film’s conclusion.

In short, Aranmanai 4 offers a decent cinematic experience, particularly for fans of the franchise. While it may not fully meet everyone’s expectations, its engaging narrative, well-executed horror elements, and strong performances make it a worthwhile watch.

Aranmanai 4 is currently screening in cinemas, inviting audiences to jump into its world of supernatural intrigue.

Sundar C

CAST: Tamannaah Bhatia, Sundar C, Rashi Khanna, VTV Ganesh, Kovai Sarala, Yogi Babu