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It expands to nine members for latest show

FOR the third concert by Mojo Projects on July 22, Mojo Concert Series’ “Mojo Live Jam” featured three bands from two countries, with the transcontinental concert providing attendees with a night that blended different genres of music together.

From India, Masala Coffee and Staccato brought a range of genres from Indian folk, flues, and new-age interpretations of Carnatic Classical Krithis. Opening for the two bands was The Banditz, a homegrown Malaysian band that plays music with influences of pop, reggae, and hip-hop.

Prior to the concert, a press conference held by Mojo Projects allowed a deeper insight into how the leading entertainment company planned the show while also providing a look at the local band.

“We’ve always been focused on growing local talent, but we don’t do fully local shows. As such, we make local talents work closely with the international bands,” explained Mojo Projects CEO Ratna K Nadarajan.

He then explained that the reason The Banditz was chosen stemmed from discussions with Bangsar’s Madras Club, which is a breeding ground for good bands. The band’s vocalist, Lingges, concurred, admitting that the club was where he started live music.

The Banditz’s founder, Jeffrey, pointed out that he was originally from the English music scene before jumping to the Tamil scene, and that seemingly carried over into The Banditz’s compositions.

“We fuse a lot of English songs by taking prominent parts of famous songs and then fusing them with famous Tamil songs. I don’t think there are many bands out there that do this”.

$!Jeffrey also revealed that for Mojo Live Jam, the five-man band will feature an additional four members from the brass band, HornBae, to supplement The Banditz with a brass section.