The cast of Black Knight shed some light on the series in a virtual press conference

BLACK KNIGHT, directed by Cho Ui-seok, is a six-episode series based on a webtoon by creator Lee YunGyun. This adaptation is set in a futuristic and oppressive version of Korea in the year 2071.

In this new world, the fate of humanity rests upon the shoulders of a delivery man who transports oxygen amidst severe air pollution. The storyline primarily revolves around a group of former refugees turned deliverymen who rebel against a merciless entity controlling the oxygen supply.

During a recent virtual press conference, Director Cho and the cast members, including Kim Woo-bin, Song Seng-heon, Esom, and Kang You-seok, revealed additional insights about the show.

Director Cho explained that the series title represents the deliverymen who serve as oxygen providers by day, but transform into a clandestine task force by night.

These individuals safeguard and distribute essential resources to fellow refugees.

Director Cho has directed a few successful movies, but Black Knight marks his first venture into a series. He expressed his admiration for the universe created in the webtoon, and particularly enjoyed the storyline’s setups.

$!Kim Woo-bin stars as a refugee turned delivery driver in Black Knight.

Collaborating with the original creator, they incorporated significant elements from the webtoon into the screenplay, with the writer being receptive to these changes. Fortunately, they were able to bring the show to life.

The cast members were all intrigued when they first read the script.

This series serves as Kim Woo-bin’s inaugural leading role since Our Blues. He portrays 5-8, an elite delivery driver who lives a double life alongside 10 other refugees aspiring to create a peaceful world free from Cheonmyeong, a cruel omnipotent entity that controls the oxygen supply.

Kim mentioned his previous experience working with the director, which has instilled complete trust in him.

He emphasised the significance of maintaining a stable mindset during filming.

He explained in any project he undertakes, he always delve into understanding why his character thinks and behaves in a certain way.

$!Veteran actor Song Seng-heon does a great job potraying villain Ryu Seok.

The same applied to this project, especially when portraying 5-8, who was born as a refugee. He constantly made sure to remind himself of the hardships [his character] has endured.

For seasoned actor Song Seng-heon, he takes on the role of the villainous character Ryu Seok. Song revealed that during the scriptwriting phase, Director Cho engaged in discussions with him about the show’s worldview and the events unfolding in a decertified Seoul.

He expressed his enthusiasm for the project and expressed his desire to be a part of it if there was a suitable role.

Kang You-seok portrays the character of Sa-wol, a spirited and lively refugee boy who aspires to become a deliveryman like 5-8.

During the audition process, Kang focused on embodying Sa-wol as authentically as possible, rather than being concerned about which side of the character he wanted to showcase.

Director Cho commented that Kang initially appeared calm during their conversations but transformed into an entirely different person once the cameras started rolling.

$!Esom unites with Woo-bin in Black Knight after 12 years.

“After a couple meetings and talks, I heard how he approached the character and I thought he would be a perfect fit,” Director Cho stated.

Esom mentioned that her character Seol-ah is a brave and charismatic and she worked hard for the series. When inquired about what fans can anticipate, Esom said they can look forward to an exciting experience with her. She has been actively involved in numerous action scenes and has extensive experience working with guns.

She aimed to project a strong and capable image, portraying characters who are skilled in handling firearms. She added that she wants to leave an impression on viewers that she is someone who possesses a solid understanding of gun handling, showcasing confidence and expertise in her performance.

Kim expressed his excitement about fans being able to witness a new side of Esom. Having worked with her as his debut project partner, he recalled how she had transformed from the cheerful and bubbly girl he had known before.

Today, Esom exuded a captivating charisma, emanating a strong and determined energy. Kim happily admitted that he was pleasantly surprised by this transformation and thoroughly enjoyed working alongside her, appreciating the great time they had together on set.

$!Actor Kang You-seok first gained attention for his role in Light On Me.

When asked about the atmosphere on set, both Kim and Esom mentioned Song’s efforts to create a relaxed environment. They praised his great sense of humour.

Esom jokingly remarked that his jokes were not the type that immediately strike you as hilarious, but upon reflection, they were truly funny.

However, Song defended himself, stating that he did not consider himself particularly humorous. It was likely the perception created by his on-set persona that made people think he was genuinely funny.

Director Cho also addressed the comparisons made by audiences to the film Mad Max after watching the trailer. He assured everyone that while there might be scenes reminiscent of Mad Max, the series itself was distinct. He emphasised that the plot differed significantly from Mad Max and encouraged viewers to watch it themselves to fully understand its uniqueness.

Black Knight is available to stream on Netflix.