MALAYSIAN illusionist and mentalist Andrew Lee is creating another magical moment this New Year’s Day.

The 31-year-old will become the first Malaysian magician ever to perform at London’s New Year’s Day Parade (LNYDP) this Jan 1 (Jan 2 in Malaysia).

Lee first took social media by storm earlier this year after wowing Britain’s Got Talent judges with his knife-wielding skills. Now, he can’t wait to impress an even bigger crowd – 500,000 people, to be exact – at the LNYDP.

“We have been working and planning this with the LNYDP production team for five to six months,” he says in a press statement. “We can’t wait to get to London and to finally meet the fantastic London team who made all these possible.”

Lee will perform a dangerous illusion, which must be precisely timed to avoid any injury, on the 3.2km parade route before a live crowd and likely millions more home viewers.

He adds: “There will be even more pressure on me than this year’s Britain’s Got Talent as there is no room for mistake, however small. I hope that I can make everyone – Malaysians, Londoners and all my fans – proud.”

Lee is among 77 performers from the US, Asia, Europe, 16 London boroughs and South America slated to perform at the LNYDP 2019 which bears the theme: London Welcomes the World.

Scheduled to start from noon (London time) on New Year’s Day, the parade will go from Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus, down Regent Street, St James, Trafalgar Square, Whitehall and then to Parliament Square.

LNYDP executive director Bob Bone says of Lee: “We asked him to attempt something spectacular which our entire street and TV audience could view – and he didn’t flinch.”

Lee believes that magic connects people globally, despite their different background, language and culture.

“Magic is poetic. It has the power to make someone laugh or cry,“ he says, likening it to an act of kindness.

Lee will be joined by his manager, Cindy Teh; his stage manager and fellow magician, Vin Chee (also a Malaysian); and another lady assistant, Jamie McLoughlan, who is a fitness model and trainer from Australia.

“We have a solid team and are very thankful for each and every one who is part of this,“ he adds.

Lee’s interest in magic started at 16. However, performing magic was more of a hobby then. While growing up, his role model was not a magician but legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.

Lee went on to graduate as a nutritionist from the American Global Institute for Alternative Medicine.

He worked as both a nutritionist and sales manager for one of Asia’s largest gym chains before finally deciding to become a professional magician.

Lee is now a regular resident guest entertainer for international luxury cruise lines as well as travels frequently to perform in places such as Lithuania, Romania, Italy and Egypt, as well as across Asia.

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