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JAKARTA: At least 138 pilgrims from Indonesia have passed away in Saudi Arabia, according to the Consulate General of Indonesia in Jeddah.

The Consul of Hajj Affairs, Nasrullah Jasam, confirmed that the deaths were due to various factors, including heatstroke.

“While heatstroke has been a contributing factor, it has not directly caused any deaths so far,” he told CNN on Monday.

Nevertheless, Nasrullah noted that the number of pilgrims who passed away this year has significantly decreased compared to the 212 deaths in the previous year.

This year, Indonesia sent a total of 241,000 Hajj pilgrims, including 213,320 regular pilgrims and 27,680 special pilgrims.

According to CNN, this Hajj season in Saudi Arabia has been marked by extreme heat, with temperatures reaching between 45 and 48 degrees Celsius.

Authorities have issued health guidelines advising pilgrims to use umbrellas for shade, stay hydrated, and take regular breaks to avoid exhaustion during rituals.

Efforts to mitigate the extreme heat include installing water-spraying air coolers at various points along the pilgrimage routes to help pilgrims stay cool and refreshed amid the challenging weather conditions.

Reports also indicate the deaths of 14 Jordanian pilgrims due to heatstroke and five Iranian pilgrims in Makkah and Madinah, although the exact cause of their deaths remain unclear.