JAKARTA: A total of 166 Indonesians are currently in death row abroad for offences relating to drugs and murder, mainly in Malaysia and the Middle East, Antara news agency reported.

The report citing a Foreign Ministry official said the highest number of cases have been recorded in Malaysia relating to drug trafficking, while others spread across the Middle East countries mainly relating to murder.

From the total 108 are facing the death penalty for drug related offences and 58 for murder, with 133 of them are men and 33 women.

However, those in the death row in Malaysia will not undergo the death penalty as the country had abolished the mandatory capital punishment in 2023.

The report also quoted Citizen Protection and Legal Affairs director Judha Nugraha as saying the Indonesian government, through its embassies abroad, extends legal aid by providing lawyers and interpreters during legal proceedings.

The government engages in diplomatic efforts, especially for cases that have been legally finalised, including sending letters requesting pardons from the Ambassador and President.

He added that the ministry facilitates reunions between those detained in prison and their family members, as part of the government’s commitment to assisting its citizens in distressing situations abroad.-Bernama