MISSISSIPPI: US President Joe Biden on Sunday issued an emergency declaration for the state of Mississippi after the destruction wreaked by a deadly tornado and severe storms.

At least 25 people were killed and dozens more injured as the powerful tornado and storms ripped through Mississippi on Friday night. One more person was killed in the neighbouring state of Alabama.

A White House statement said Biden’s decision will make “federal funding available to affected individuals in the counties of Carroll, Humphreys, Monroe, and Sharkey”, reported Anadolu Agency.

The four counties were the worst-hit areas and account for all of the fatalities reported, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

Biden has appointed John Boyle, coordinating officer of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to “coordinate federal recovery operations in the affected areas,” the statement said.

“Damage assessments are continuing in other areas, and more counties and additional forms of assistance may be designated after the assessments are fully completed,” it added.

In Rolling Fork, a small town of some 2,000 people, the tornado devoured all that lay in its path.

Almost every building in the town was either flattened or broken, trees uprooted, cars crushed, and infrastructure damaged.

Apart from the death and destruction, the disaster has also caused power breakdowns in Mississippi and other nearby states, leaving thousands of people without electricity. - Bernama