PETALING JAYA: A Singaporean man has been granted S$4.7 million (RM16.3 million) in damages by Singapore’s High Court after sustaining permanent brain injuries.

According to Channel News Asia, the collision, which occurred near KM 7.6 of the North-South expressway in 2018, involved a prime mover towing a trailer, a Toyota vehicle, and a BMW car.

Singaporean Lim Chun Yong was seated in the front passenger seat of a Toyota Innova on February 12, 2018, along with his wife and two children then aged one and four en route to Senai Airport for a flight to Sabah.

As a result of the collision, Lim sustained severe injuries to his brain, head, face, and chest, leaving him permanently disabled.

His impairments include speech, movement, and cognitive function, rendering him unable to pursue gainful employment.

Consequently, he requires continuous care at a nursing home.

The High Court’s ruling assigns liability for the damages to six defendants, including the involved drivers, their employers, and an insurer, with each bearing responsibility based on their respective percentage of fault.

According to Judicial Commissioner Alex Wong’s judgment, the Toyota driver was found negligent for executing “unreasonably excessive manoeuvres,“ leading to the initial collision with the semi-trailer.

The semi-trailer driver and his employer were deemed 50% liable for Mr. Lim’s injuries due to the driver’s actions and non-compliance with road regulations.

The Toyota driver and employer were held 30% responsible, while the BMW driver bore 20% liability for exacerbating Lim’s injuries in the subsequent collision.

The damages awarded encompass significant provisions for future nursing care and loss of potential earnings, in addition to compensation for pain and suffering and caregiver services rendered prior to Lim’s admission to the nursing home.