MADRID: TikTok has become one of the most popular tools in Spain for holiday trip planning, according to a joint study conducted by marketing analysis firm Alkemy Iberia and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Analysing 1.7 million tourism-related comments on various social media networks, the study highlights TikTok’s role in providing users with diverse destination suggestions within minutes.

“We see that TikTok is consolidating itself as a travel agent,“ said Borja Lorenzo, marketing director of Alkemy Iberia and the study’s leader. He explained that TikTok is becoming a go-to platform for travel planning, offering users quick insights into destinations through video format.

Furthermore, macroeconomic indicators and usage data reveal a rise in trips and destinations, correlating with the surge in TikTok’s global user base, particularly in Spain. The study analysed user interactions in the comments section of various tourism aspects such as destinations, flights, cruises, accommodations, or vehicle rentals.

TikTok’s algorithm, which prioritises highly engaging content, has enabled brands and influencers to promote lesser-known destinations, triggering viral trends among younger audiences.

According to Lorenzo, TikTok’s search results appeal directly to consumers, bridging the gap between service providers and travellers. He expressed confidence in TikTok’s continued growth as a vital travel search tool.

Ruth Blanch, executive director of Alkemy Iberia, stressed the importance of understanding consumer behaviour in order to personalise marketing messages and cater to specific user needs. “Our objective is to determine qualitative standards that allow us to understand consumer behaviour and improve our relationship with them.”

Blanch reaffirmed TikTok’s role as a dynamic search engine for travel inspiration, citing its increasing relevance in trip planning.

“It is a good tool for searching for holidays because many people upload itineraries, prices, and what to see in the places... a little bit of everything,“ Pati Alpuente, a TikTok user, explained to Xinhua. She praised the platform’s speed and accessibility in discovering travel content, echoing sentiments many of her peers shared. - Bernama, Xinhua

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