Rohingya children trafficked for sex

21 Mar 2018 / 13:08 H.

    PETALING JAYA: A BBC news investigation team has found that several underground networks are trafficking children into prostitution in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.
    These syndicates are supplying underage girls to foreigners for sex. The victims were lured with false promises of jobs abroad and in Dhaka as maids, hotel staff and kitchen workers.
    The perpetrators are exploiting the chaos at Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to snare children for the sex trade.
    Posing as foreigners looking for sex with children, the BBC team got telephone numbers of pimps from small hotel and beach cottage owners.
    "We have young girls, many, but why do you want Rohingya? They are the dirtiest," a pimp was quoted by BBC as saying in a report released today.
    In a sting operation with the local police, the BBC team approached a pimp and paid him for teh services of two girls. The police moved in and and arrested the man after money changed hands.

    Reach the original report here:

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