Maybank branches open until 7pm today for repayment assistance applications

PETALING JAYA: With the six-month loan moratorium ending today, Maybank branches nationwide (excluding those in red zones) will continue to remain open until 7pm to provide customers added convenience to enquire and apply for repayment assistance.

In a statement, the group said it wished to remind customers who are impacted by the pandemic to contact the bank immediately should they wish to apply for repayment assistance for their loan/financing.

“The bank also wishes to clarify that the CCRIS status of borrowers who take the repayment assistance will not change,” it added.

Besides the extended operating hours, the bank continues to offer 3 easy channels to apply for repayment assistance, as follows: applying online via Maybank2u (for individual & Business Hire Purchase customers), applying via email for individual or SME customers, or calling any of its branches, SME centres or auto finance centres.

“Maybank wishes to assure those who have applied for repayment assistance but have yet to receive a response that their applications are currently being processed and they will be advised soonest possible on their loan repayment for October onwards,” it said.

Meanwhile, customers who did not apply for the repayment assistance are reminded that they will have to resume payment for their loan/financing starting October 2020.

Maybank highlighted that those who anticipate difficulties in servicing their monthly instalments post-moratorium can still get in touch with the bank to discuss repayment packages to suit their current financial needs, however, these customers are advised to apply for repayment assistance before their October installment is due to ensure their credit status is maintained.