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PETALING JAYA: The National Security Council (NSC) has released details on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

The details were released on the NSC’s Telegram application page earlier today.

In the guide, it said that the SOP prepared is to ensure the health and safety aspects are taken into account in an environment where the Covid-19 outbreak is still a real threat.

“The SOP aims to reduce health risks to both the public and the business premises, while preventing the national health service from being stretched beyond its control,“ said the NSC.

“In the event of an increase in the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Movement Control Order (MCO) or other action may be enforced. This will affect the country’s economic recovery efforts.

“Failure to comply with the SOP may result in legal action, withdrawal of operating license or any other related action,“ it said adding that the government, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the police, and other regulatory bodies will monitor and enforce the SOP to ensure adherence.

“Businesses are reminded to keep in touch with the regulatory body responsible for any recent developments.”

List of activities that are prohibited in this duration are :

> Entertainment and Recreation

- Cinemas

- Karaokae Centres

- Theme Parks

- Muziums

- Busking

> Celebration, Parades and Assemblies

- Religious parade

- Religious activities involving congregations at Mosques and houses of worship

- Aniversary celebrations of Security Forces (Parades)

- Hari Raya celebration except with immediate family members ( Updates on Hari Raya travels will be announced later.)

> Conferences and Exhibitions

- Career Expos

- Wedding Expo

- Promotions and Travel packages

- Sales carnival

- All types of conferences which involves large groups

> Education

- Sports during school sessions

- Face-to-face Co-curiculum activities

- Any form of school gathering

- Any form of ceremony or programme which requires the participation of more than 10 people

> Sports

- Tournaments ad competitions that involves a large group of supporters (Stadium)

- All form of indoor sports such as Gymnasiums

- Swimming pools

- Contact sports such as Rugby, boxing, Soccer and basketball

> Social Activities

- Kenduris

- Weddings, anniversary celebrations and others.

> Transportation

- Cruise Ships

> Business Premises / Non-Premises Occupations / Building Markets / Premises Markets / Retail / Food & Beverage Markets

- Have a Large number of customers at a time (subject to a 1m radius calculation)

- Ramadan Bazaar

- Hari Raya Bazaar

> Employee-centered accommodations (CLQ) / hostel / hostel in the manufacturing and other sectors

- Accept visitors

- Social and team sports

- Event prayers /activities of worship

> Installation and maintenance of machinery (elevators, escalators, boilers, etc.) for the service / tower cranes at construction sites

- Perform work in groups of more than 10 people

> Fashion Clothing and Accessories Store

- Try out clothers

> Laundry (self-service laundry)

- Folding clothes

> Face-to-face lectures / seminars / courses / training

> Certification Activities For Agriculture

> Barber shop and beauty salons

> Banking and Financial Services

- Sales and marketing activities outside the premises of a financial institution, or public place, are not permitted at this time until further notice.

> Forest Management

- Forest Ecotourism

- Forestry Training

> Mining and Quarrying

- New Application for Theory for (Explosives) Exam and practise

> Farming and Agriculture

- Client’s Day

- Farm Supplies sale days

- Fruit eating parties

- Courses / Seminars

- Agriculture Institutes convocation

- Auction sale of livestock products such as chicken, eggs, meat and so on.

> Fishing

- Recreational fishing activities

- Marine Park Centers, exhibitions and aquariums

> Creative Arts

- Filming

- Events / Concerts / Programs Involving Public At Studio or Public Places

> Culture and arts

- Any exhibition that requires visitors to interact with the artist

> Tourism and Hotel

- Use of Hotel Facilities such as Rugby, Gymnasium, Spa, Sauna, Lounge, Swimming Pool, Meeting Room, Seminar Hall, Training Room, Restaurant And Café (For Buffet Purpose)