One TAR UC student determined not to let challenges get in the way of a career in interior designer

A PERFECT mix of both practical engineering and creative expression, interior architecture is the gateway to a potential career in interior design, allowing one to showcase their creative personality by embedding their character into a functional space.

This field is highly dynamic due to the nature of revolving trends, and as such, the delivery of its academic knowledge will need to be flexible as well, especially when taking into account the challenges posed by new normal environment.

It was these challenges and exciting prospects which influenced Lim Dao Liang to undertake the Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Hons) programme at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC). However due to current global circumstances, Dao Liang had to continue his higher education journey entirely online.

“I decided to study at TAR UC’s Kuala Lumpur Main Campus despite being from Johor, because I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in a new environment. I was also hoping to experience the campus environment offered by TAR UC,“ said Dao Liang.

Despite the restrictions imposed, the 21-year old TARCian is taking it all in stride.

“I may not be experiencing TAR UC as it is meant to be, but I am staying positive and doing what I can to keep learning and improving to the best of my abilities with what I have.

“In fact, I feel I am learning to be more independent in managing my schedule, communicate my ideas more effectively online, and take more initiatives to open discussions with my lecturers to improve my learning process,“ Dao Liang explained.

Despite challenges under the new normal conditions, Ts Idaura Fadhya binti Che Ibrahim, Programme Leader of the Faculty of Built Environment (FOBE), has concentrated her efforts in keeping the learning process as effective as possible.

“With emphasis on structure, flexibility, engagement and right amount of assigned coursework, we aim to maintain connections, continue meeting academic milestones and foster a productive learning environment at home.

“For example, we have a ‘virtual hallway’ where students are encouraged to participate and have casual conversations with their fellow coursemates, emulating the traditional classroom engagement. In addition, lecturers have kept an open channel of communication with their students to maintain a healthy connection between educator and student,“ said Ts Idaura.

Ts Idaura said studio masters, peers, external stakeholders, industry practitioners, clients and educators from other institutions are often roped in during the online critique and review sessions where students present their designs for professional feedback and comments.

“The sessions ensure our students are constantly being exposed to the standards expected by the industry so that they are well-equipped with in-depth knowledge and skills that are essential to become professionals in the interior design, architectural sector and research field upon graduation,“ Ts Idaura added.

This claim is backed by Dao Liang, who has been given much support by his lecturers.

“My lecturers have been very helpful in tending to any questions I have and helping me adapt to the online learning process. They even offered additional advice like adding more details to our design work in order to express our ideas more effectively due to the lack of physical interaction.

“The mock presentations are also helping me communicate my ideas more effectively which is a very important aspect in the interior architecture field, where your success is determined by how well your clients can understand your design intentions, which is a good practice for my future career,“ said Dao Liang.

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