JOHOR BAHRU: Malaysians who are charged over RM15,000 by agents to obtain an Indonesian domestic helper have been urged to lodge a report to the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia (KJRI).

Its Consul General in Johor Bahru, Sigit S. Widiyanto, said this is following complaints that there were agents who still charged beyond the maximum limit of RM15,000 per worker set through the memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the recruitment and protection of Indonesian domestic helpers signed by both countries last year.

“We still receive complaints that some agents charged them up to RM20,000, RM28,000 and RM30,000. So please make a report to the consulate general’s office so that we can prevent this from happening again.”

He told reporters this after a meet and greet session with Johor Media Club here today, which was attended by about 30 media practitioners and KJRI officials.

Elaborating, Sigit said the MoU, which was signed in April last year, aims to protect both foreign workers and employers.

“Since the document was signed, around 1,000 applications to obtain Indonesian domestic helpers have been made so far, and the number is expected to increase based on current demand,” he added.

In another development, Sigit urged Indonesians in this country without a valid permit to take advantage of the Labour Recalibration Programme 2.0 (RTK 2.0), which has been extended till year-end.

“We admit that some employers in this country may offer jobs to Indonesians illegally. Many Indonesians also enter Malaysia using tourist visas but do not return after the 30-day period expires.

“So with the RTK 2.0 implemented by the Malaysian government, we call on employers and Indonesians without valid work permits to submit their applications to obtain the necessary documents,” he said.

Early this month, Home Minister Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail said the government agreed to extend the RTK 2.0, where illegal foreign workers in the country are given the option to return home or continue working by registering with a certain fee.

As of Dec 31 last year, a total of 418,649 foreign workers have registered under the RTK, and 295,425 others were sent back to their home countries. -Bernama

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