MALACCA: Melaka United Football Club’s Chief Executive Officer Datuk Justin Lim today denied rumours that he would soon resign from the club.

Lim said he would remain committed to lead Melaka United.

“I am a businessman who is new to the football industry and certainly will not be an exception to various challenges and criticism. All this challenges will serve as a learning curve’ for me to lead the club. My sincere hope is to lift the cub to a higher level.

“I am always ready to face problems and finding ways to solve problems that arise. I have never intended or will run away from my commitment or duties,” he said in a statement today.

Lim admitted that he was initially utterly disappointed with share issues involving the club but after discussions with the various stake holders, a consencus has been met and the problem is in the process of being solved.

He said the team’s performance since he took over last year can be commended because a number of good results and remains optimistic that the team can achieve better success in the new season.

“Melaka United Football Club values the support and patience of the fans, the sponsors, support from the state government, Melaka Football Association and all stake holders. All this will serve as our motivation to move forward,” he said.-Bernama

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