The annual flame-watching ceremony, traditionally organised by Poh Hock Seah temple for the past 200 years and held at the Thai Pak Khoong (also known as Hai Choo Soo) temple in Tanjong Tokong, predicted good to average economic growth this year. The economic growth is predicted to take place during three quadrimesters, from February to May, June to September and October to January 2025. The quadrimesters correspond with the lunar calendar months from the 1st to the 4th month, the 5th to 8th month and the 9th to 12th month. The ceremony, known as Chneah Hoay, took place on Feb 23 and coincided with the 14th day of the Lunar New Year. Thai Pak Khoong is in the Hakka dialect, while Hai Choo Soo, referring to the Tanjong Tokong area, means sea pearl in Hokkien. The temple committee members gathered by the seaside to observe the rising tide before the start of Chneah Hoay. (Pic) Temple committee members and devotees gathered to celebrate Chneah Hoay on the 14th day of the Lunar New Year in Tanjong Tokong, Penang. MASRY CHE ANI THESUN