PETALING JAYA: Turnitin’s data from its AI writing detection tool revealed an increasing number of student papers using AI-generated content.

According to the online plagiarism detection company which launched its plagiarism tool in April 2023, it has analysed over 200 million student papers, revealing that more than 22 million, or approximately 11%, contained at least 20% AI-writing and over six million papers, or 3%, were made up of at least 80% AI-writing.

A recent study by capital market company Tyton Partners also found that nearly half of students surveyed are using generative AI tools like ChatGPT and 75% of them plan to continue using them even if banned by their school.

The report further stated that frequent appearance of AI-generated writing in Turnitin’s data highlights the ongoing complexity of incorporating AI writing tools in education.

“Educators and institutions should look at a variety of factors beyond detection.

“This includes open discussions with students regarding acceptable uses of AI writing in the classroom, reviewing academic policies and revising essay prompts,“ it stated.

It also stressed the importance of using any form of AI wisely, making sure it helps learning and honesty without hurting academic integrity.