JOHOR BAHRU: The move by several states to prohibit any politician from holding talks or lectures in mosques and surau is seen to be helpful in easing the country’s political climate.

Communications and Digital (KKD) Minister Fahmi Fadzil (pix) said this was also a reminder to all, that religious premises is not a platform that can be used by any individual or party for political gain.

He said it was also seen as an effort to ease escalation of political extremism which has the potential to create a perception of government instability which would affect investor confidence.

“The prohibition order imposed on politicians especially in mosques is an effort which I see would be able to cool down the situation and KKD will also play its role in increasing awareness on the importance of respecting this law.

“The reason we go to the mosque is to worship, not give political speeches, so leave politics out and don’t misuse any premises to have activities that shouldn’t be held there,“ he told a press conference after a Town Hall session with the management and agencies under KKD at RTM Johor here today.

Also present were Deputy Minister Teo Nie Ching and the Ministry’s secretary-general Datuk Seri Mohammad Mentek.

The media had earlier reported that politicians have been barred from delivering religious lectures or ceramahs in mosques and surau in Terengganu and Perak as religious institutions should be respected and free of political elements.

Fahmi said the move to ease the political climate by curbing the growing threat of political extremism was important in ensuring political stability and the government administration is not disrupted.

“Political stability in the federal government is important in attracting foreign investors, for example the investment by AWS (Amazon Web Services) was because of their confidence in the stability of our country.

“This was not signed earlier because at that time, it (previous government administration) was unstable but Alhamdulillah stability is what investors and the people have been craving for ... so let us unite to develop the state and this country,“ he said. - Bernama