BATU GAJAH: For the first time ever, inmates or prospects of the Batu Gajah Moral Rehabilitation Centre (PPA) were given the opportunity to participate in the ‘ibadah korban’ (sacrificial rituals) during Aidiladha.

Batu Gajah PPA director Assistant Commissioner S. Tanabal said the programme, which began after the Aidiladha prayer, was carried out on a gotong-royong basis, with prospects handling the entire process from slaughtering to skinning and cooking.

“For the first time in the history of Batu Gajah PPA, we have allowed the prospects to manage the sacrificial rites themselves. Usually, we do it with the public outside the centre, but this time, we made a different plan.

“Today, we slaughtered nine goats,” he told a press conference here today.

According to Tanabal, the programme aims to strengthen the relationship between the prospects and the staff of Batu Gajah PPA, including among non-Muslims.

“This is one of the approaches we are taking through spiritual programmes because we want to transform law offenders into more civilised individuals through discipline and education.

“Perhaps they haven’t been exposed to this before, so we are giving them this opportunity to learn from the sacrificial rites to bring them closer to religion,” he said.

Tanabal also expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister’s Office for their contributions to today’s event.

Meanwhile, the programme became even more meaningful when two prospects donated three goats and one cow.

A prospect who only wishes to be known as Zul, 36, from Pahang expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to perform the sacrificial rites.

“I perform this korban for my 11-year-old child, although I’m saddened that I cannot be with them this time.

“It’s truly a different experience. Usually, we are with family and friends, but this time, we are with other inmates. Nevertheless, I’m thankful for this opportunity,” said Zul, who donated three goats.

Another prospect known as Kudi, 38, from Kedah said that despite being in the centre for the past eight months, his family still wanted to donate.

“Alhamdulillah, it’s my family’s tradition to sacrifice a few cows every year to distribute to those in need. This year, I intend to do the same for the inmates here. I also dedicate this to my wife and family back in the village,” he said.