BUKIT MERTAJAM: Two angry men, a shop owner and a drunken customer who went viral with their brawl inside a grocery store in Seberang Jaya, have reconciled in the spirit of unity.

Now, in stark contrast to Wednesday’s video footage showing two men fighting, a picture went viral yesterday showing them shaking hands and patching up.

Goh Yap Eng, 49, the grocery store owner, said he and his foe reached an agreement to withdraw their (police) cases when they held a meeting in front of the investigating officer on Monday.

“We’re OK, we’re (now) OK.. on Monday went to the police station and settled it, withdrew the case, after all we’re all Malaysians, so no fighting. We apologised and resolved it. He also apologised and told me he was drunk, I advised him not to use that as an excuse, if you can’t control it, give up the liquor,” he told Bernama at his grocery store here today.

Goh, who is the father of two sons aged 13 and 18, admitted the brawl sent the wrong message to the pluralistic country, saying: “I was arrested Thursday, remanded for two days and released on Saturday, and I started thinking, how did it end up this way?”

The certified black belt taekwondo instructor said, he had once aspired to go far in the martial arts scene, before dropping the idea to run his father’s grocery business.

Penang police chief Datuk Hamzah Ahmad confirmed that the two men have withdrawn their police reports and the case had been classified as No Further Action (NFA).