KUALA LUMPUR: A holistic cybersecurity approach, which encompasses people, processes and technology, is required to combat cyber attacks, said Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil.

He said that the focus should shift from trying to prevent cyber-attacks entirely, to strategising and minimising the impact when an attack does occur.

He added that Malaysia experienced an average of 84 million cyber attacks per day during the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2022.

The financial losses and reputational damage caused by internet and online fraud, ransomware and extortion cases are substantial, as it is evident that no organisation can claim to be 100 per cent secure in this evolving threat landscape, he said.

“The cyber attacks include fraud, social engineering tactics, phishing, malware/ransomware, denial of service attacks and cyber espionage,” he said in his speech at the Surf’s Up: A Digital Literacy and Online Safety Summit, here today.

He also encouraged online users to be responsible in the evolving cyber landscape by educating themselves and adopting safe digital practices.

Meanwhile, Fahmi, alongside his deputy, Teo Nie Ching, witnessed the signing of the Digital Safety Pledge by TikTok, led by the Content Forum, which allows both platforms to work hand-in-hand in enhancing online safety.

By signing the pledge, organisations commit to prioritising the well-being of users, implementing effective moderation policies and continuously striving to create a safer digital ecosystem.

“This is the first time a platform such as TikTok has committed to a safer online ecosystem, and I hope other social media platforms follow suit.

“With this, we can resolve things like scams, fake news and the spread of false information, so that we can be #SaferTogether,” Fahmi said.- Bernama