MAKKAH: Walking more than 20,000 steps a day is the routine of members of the Tabung Haji (TH) Patrol Unit or better known as ‘lipan bara’ in assisting Malaysian pilgrims around the Haram Mosque here.

The team’s role is to help pilgrims who are lost in finding their way around the Grand Mosque or the way back to their accommodation, in addition to helping those with health problems.

Ahmad Syukri Nu’aim Zolkipli, 28, a member of the unit, said since he started his patrol duties on May 26, his smart watch records show he walks more than 20,000 steps a day in hot weather which requires mental and physical strength.

“We have to always move in the designated location to monitor Malaysian pilgrims. If they get lost, we will show them the way to their accommodation and if they need a taxi, we will get a taxi for them,“ he said when met here.

Wan Shamshol Husin, the head of the unit for the 1444 Hijrah Haj season, said the team is made up of 18 staff comprising TH auxiliary policemen from all over Malaysia.

He said the team synonymous with red T-shirts, black trousers and red hats are on duty 24 hours a day in three shifts at eight posts around the holiest mosque of Muslims.

According to him, the team members have the skills to identify pilgrims who have lost their way based on their body language. -Bernama