PETALING JAYA: The new revised rate for local white rice (BPT) will be finalised before October.

Harian Metro reported that the topic of determining the pricing of BPT is at its final discussion stage involving around four to five other ministries, according to Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu.

The minister added that the Economy Ministry and the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry (KPDN) were among the ministries discussing the issue.

The minister mentioned the suggestion to increase the price of BPT is to safeguard the future of all parties involved in the production of local white rice, especially farmers.

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The top players of the nation’s rice industry on Sunday (June 9) proposed the suggestion of hiking the price of BPT at a rate of RM2.60 per kg, increased at a minimum of 25 sen per kg.

Meanwhile, Beras Bumiputera Malaysia Society (BARIM) president Ismail Awang said setting the price to RM2.85 per kg or RM28.50 for 10kg as the best solution in providing wholesalers an “opportunity to breathe”, as quoted, as long as the new rate does not pressure consumers.

The Rice and Paddy Control Authority body in November 2023 reportedly found that the ceiling price for BPT should be increased to RM3.20 per kg compared to RM2.60 per kg at the time to avoid local paddy piling up after uninterested manufacturers no longer continue purchasing due to low cost.

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