KUALA SELANGOR: The scheduled upgrading and maintenance works for critical assets in the Sungai Selangor Phase 1 Water Treatment Plant (LRA SSP1) from June 5 to 7, is necessary as the assets are more than 30 years old said State Infrastructure and Agriculture Committee chairman Izham Hashim.

Izham said maintenance work is necessary for (LRA SSP1) due to its aging infrastructure as the LRA SSP1 has been in operation for 30 years, and certain critical components need replacement and maintenance.

The specific components involved include two valves (each sized at 1,350 and 1,450 millimeters) at the Matang Pagar water treatment plant since these valves have been in continuous use since the 1990s, operating 24 hours a day.

The replacement of these valves is essential to ensure the continued functionality of the LRA SSP1. Additionally, maintenance work will also be carried out on the 6.6 and 33 kilovolt switchgear at the LRA SSP1 pump house to meet the requirements set by the Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga).

The replacement and maintenance costs for these components are estimated to be around RM500,000 and to minimize disruption to water supply, the authorities have carefully planned the replacement schedule and though there will be a temporary closure of the LRA SSP1 during the replacement process, efforts will be made to minimize the impact on water availability.

“We are continuously carrying out technical audit on assets at the treatment plant to ensure when such assets will require maintenance or upgrading. Since the treatment plant is old, we must continue to carry out maintenance and upgrading before the situation becomes serious.

“As many may be aware, we had decided to postpone the scheduled maintenance due to the festive and other related festivals...after much consideration, carrying out the maintenance and upgrading early next month has been identified as a good time,“ he said during a press conference after visiting the LRA SSP1, here today.

Izham added that the state government was also taking initiatives to complete the LRA Sungai Rasau project to avoid water disruption in Selangor if major maintenance work is needed in the future.

Earlier, the Pengurusan Air Selangor Sdn Bhd (Air Selangor) in a statement said the closure of LRA SSP1 will affect seven regions - Kuala Selangor, Gombak, Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Hulu Selangor, Klang, and Shah Alam.

The Air Selangor statement added that consumers can expect water supply to resume in stages from 3am on June 6, after maintenance work is completed.