KANGAR: A man was injured when his car caught fire after exploding while refuelling at a petrol station here this afternoon.

Kangar district police chief ACP Yusharifuddin Mohd Yusop said the male driver, in his 40s, sustained injuries to his hand due to glass sharpnel from his car in the 4.10 pm incident.

“The driver was alone when the fire occurred and he was taken by an ambulance to Tuanku Fauziah Hospital in Kangar for treatment and is in stable condition,” he said in a statement tonight, adding that the fire occurred when the tank exploded, setting the car on fire.

“The petrol station’s staff managed to put out the fire at around 4.25 pm, about 15 minutes, and the fire department’s forensics investigators found that the fire originated from the front passenger seat,” he said, adding that they suspected that a spark by the mobile phone ignited the petrol vapour in the vicinity.

“The Fire Department stated that the cause of the fire was accidental and there were no criminal elements involved,” he added.