PETALING JAYA: The owner of the house where two toddlers consumed snacks laced with rat poison has gone missing.

The police discovered the man’s disappearance earlier today after waiting for an hour only to find that he was gone. They left the house at around 12.15am, according to the New Straits Times reported.

Kulim district police chief Superintendent Mohd Azizul Mohd Khairi said no arrests were made as of now.

A team from the Health Ministry also visited the premises to inspect the property and it was learnt that the team found a packet inscribed in Chinese-language characters, believed to be the poison from a fire pit.

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Previously, it was reported that one of the young boys Muhammad Akil Syauqi, 3, passed away battling the poison in his in the Penang General Hospital.

Akil’s body gave in to the poison and lost consciousness at around 8.30am today.

Both he and Muhammad Luth Syauqi, 2, most likely consumed the poisoned food hanging on a wire fence meant to ward off wild animals.

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