SHAH ALAM: SIRIM today unveiled a new industry standard, SIRIM 65:2024, titled “Healthy Purification Rating of Refrigerating Appliances for Household and Similar Use - Requirements and Methods of Test,“ which aims to to promote healthier living through advanced refrigeration technology.

Its president and group chief executive officer Datuk Dr Ahmad Sabirin Arshad said the scope of the SIRIM 65 standard is comprehensive covering refrigerating appliances intended for household use as well as those used in shops, offices, the hospitality industry and light industries.

He said by setting firm requirements and standardised testing methods, this standard aims to promote a healthier living environment through improved refrigeration technology.

“As a standards development organisation, SIRIM has extensive expertise in standards research and consultancy. This helps industries and businesses meet local and international requirements and practices through the development of industry standards.

“Together with government and industry partners, SIRIM has enabled products and services in Malaysia to gain the recognition they deserve in term of quality and innovation at the global level,“ he said at the launch of SIRIM 65 here today.

The new industry standard was launched by MITI’s Bilateral Economic and Trade Relations Division, senior director Nor Hasnah Badroddin.

Ahmad Sabirin said with its unique advantages in research and technological innovation, SIRIM provides customised solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of all industry sectors, positioning itself as a premier partner for innovation.

He noted that the establishment of this new standard is a collaborative effort between SIRIM and Hunan SIRIM Huasheng Certification and Inspection Co. Ltd with full funding support from Midea Group (China).

The standard is specifically designed to establish rating and evaluation criteria, providing a clear framework for assessing the purification effectiveness of refrigerating appliances. This ensures consumers have access to reliable and health-centric options for refrigeration.

“This commitment not only distinguishes our brand in a competitive market but also positions us as the industry leader in promoting the healthy purification of household refrigerating appliances and similar uses,“ he added.

Meanwhile, Nor Hasnah said the launch of the latest industry standard has become a strategic tool to meet the evolving needs of both domestic and international markets in today’s borderless economy driven by rapid technological advancements.

She highlighted that apart from ensuring safety and interchangeability, standards address the core issues of quality, crucial for competitiveness and the ability to compete in global markets is directly tied to adhering to standards, which serve as a gateway to entering new markets.

“Standards also represent a strategic imperative that cannot be overlooked. They provide foundational documents for determining performance levels and measurements for products, processes and services,“ she added.

Also present at the event were SIRIM Academy chief executive officer Nik Sazali Nik Hussein, SIRIM QAS International chief executive officer Nur Fadhilah Muhammad and Midea Group Asia Pacific Region president Zeal Jiang.