SUBANG JAYA: The Association of Devotees of Dewi Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Ladang Subang has donated RM10,000 to the Humanitarian Trust Fund of the People of Palestine (AAKRP) to help the Palestinian people besieged by the brutality of the Israeli zionist regime. .

The association’s president, Vijayan Karuppiah, 70, said the amount of donation collected during these two months is the result of donations given by the local community around the Ladang (estate) Subang area here.

“We see many among the women and children who are still suffering in the land of Palestine. So, we try our best to help them there regardless of race and religion, because we are all human,” he told Bernama after a handover of the donation to AAKRP at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Ladang Subang here today.

He said the association which is making a humanitarian contribution for the first time, would continue to collect funds in the future to help the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, secretary of the West Asia Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Datuk Zahairi Baharim said humanitarian aid through the next Ops Ihsan (third phase of aid) will begin to be sent to Palestine in mid-December.

“God-willing with the support of all parties, we will try to send a larger load using a large plane that can carry a load of 60 tonnes,” he said at the press conference.

He said the goods, which are currently in the process of being packed, consist of medical and winter items because Gaza will transition to winter soon.

Asked about the ban on the entry of goods into Palestine, he explained that the Egyptian government has never closed its (Rafah) entrance to Gaza during the Palestinian-Israeli crisis, but the entrance faces restrictions.

“The blockade is due to the initial stage of the gate on the Gaza side being bombed by Israel and it needs time to repair,” he said. - Bernama