KUALA LUMPUR: The suspect who dumped a newborn baby found in the parking lot under a Proton Iswara car on Friday (May 17) is unlikely to be a resident of the apartment involved.

Brickfields police chief ACP Ku Mashariman Ku Mahmood said police did not rule out the possibility that the suspect was an outsider based on several witness statements.

“We believe the baby is from outside the area. Based on witnesses, none of the residents in the area were seen pregnant or had recently given birth. The autopsy has been completed and police are still waiting for the laboratory results regarding the cause of the baby’s death.

“What can be ascertained is that the baby was not ... killed and the injuries inflicted on the surface of the baby’s body were caused by animal bites,“ he said at the Brickfields police headquarters here today.

He said the baby is most likely of a foreign nationality based on its physical condition.

He said that the suspect who dumped the baby was being tracked down and that witnesses had cooperated well by providing some clues that could be used as evidence.

He said so far, there were six witnesses including the person who found it and people who were in the vicinity of the crime scene.

Earlier, media reported that a man found a lifeless newborn baby girl under a Proton Iswara car at about 9 am while sweeping in the parking lot of the apartment.

The case is being investigated under Section 318 of the Penal Code for concealment of a birth by secret disposal and causing its death.