KOTA BHARU: Buses from Thailand are allowed to enter Malaysia to bring in tourists, provided they apply for temporary permits from the Land Public Transport Agency (APAD) in advance.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said these tour bus operators must furnish complete information, including details of the tour package, the number of passengers and the location of the accommodation.

“This regulation applies to all states, not just border states like Kedah and Kelantan.

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“This matter has been decided in recent meetings. What we restrict are vans from Thailand because we fear they will enter Malaysia and pick up passengers here,” he told reporters today.

Earlier, Loke attended the opening ceremony of the First Phase Operation of Sultan Ismail Petra Airport’s expansion and upgrade project here, with state Public Works, Infrastructure, Water and Rural Development Committee chairman Dr Izani Husin also present.

The media previously reported that the Kelantan government has requested the Transport Ministry to allow tourist buses from Thailand to enter the state in conjunction with the Visit Kelantan 2024 campaign.

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