PETALING JAYA: Mysterious items consisting of rolled paper attached with string and nails were recently found on former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s father’s grave in Johor.

The items were found among piles of grass and dirt by one of Tuan Guru Mohamad Yassin Muhammad’s sons Mohd Nasri Mohd Yassin, 54, when visiting his grave in Tanah Perkuburan Islam Bakri Batu 1, Muar, Johor on Tuesday (June 18) morning.

Harian Metro reported that Yassin’s grandson, Noor Danial Farhan Noor Firdaus Hilmi, 26, recalled visiting his grave after Aidiladha prayers at around 9.30am with his wife, mother and uncle.

As soon as his uncle spotted the items, he said a few prayers before removing them.

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“We have not opened its contents so we do not know what was in it,” Noor Danial said.

The father of two added that similar items were found near the graves of his grandmother, aunt and uncle together with his grandfather’s teacher.

He also mentioned that said items were reportedly found on seven to around eight graves.

Earlier, Noor Danial uploaded a TikTok video of the mysterious items found at his grandfather’s grave to “confirm” what the objects were, only to find multiple comments informing him that it is “buhul sihir.”

“To be honest, this is the first time I have heard of this. An ustaz (religious teacher) said that it (object found) is used for worshipping purposes and not witchcraft but I do not know how true it is because I am scared to open it.

“For now, my family have left my uncle to handle this matter and take further action as he lives (in the area),” Noor Danial was quoted as saying.

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