The sudden life change of Ariff Peter, happened after he made a ‘gambling’ mistake when he was deceived by a digital currency investment that dragged him into a debt of over RM1 million, two years ago.

PETALING JAYA: Seven years ago, a young man had it all, an enterprising business, a comfortable home and even drove imported cars. However, in a blink of an eye, his luxury life came to an end, and is now living in a car for more than a year.

The sudden life change of Ariff Luqman Peter Lisut, 27, who is better known as Ariff Peter, happened after he made a ‘gambling’ mistake when he was deceived by a digital currency investment that dragged him into a debt of over RM1 million, two years ago, reported Harian Metro.

A newcomer in the country’s music industry had to own up by selling his cattle breeding business, two houses, three cars including an imported car and a van, to pay the victim’ money back.

He also took a huge step by deciding to live in a Proton Wira because he did not want to be burdened with renting a room, Ariff Peter also took on various jobs such as cleaning and sanitising premises and houses, in addition to writing lyrics.

Ariff Peter also accepts orders to produce business posters, copy writing and various video content in addition to delivery services.

In sharing his story, the young lad said, he made a mistake by becoming too trusting of the investment who used him as an ‘ambassador’ in order to attract people to invest on the grounds that he was already a successful businessman.

He stated that his intention was only to help those who intended to do well in the crypto business but did not expect that all those with him in the investment had disappeared with the victims asking for their money back after being cheated.

“I want to continue living comfortably and safely, so I took the responsibility of paying the victims’ money by selling all my assets. The only thing left is this Proton Wira which is used for work and for me to sleep.

“Even if I sell all the assets, it is not enough to pay off the debt, and I do various jobs to pay off the balance of the debts. That’s why I don’t rent a house or a room because my responsibilities are too heavy,“ he said.

Ariff Peter said his debt remains at RM100,000 and he still continues doing side jobs to settle the left over balance and continues to sleep in the car, although it’s been a month since he landed himself with a permanent job that comes with a pretty decent monthly salary.

He started the business at the age of 20 and now lives alone but is still in touch with his father while his mother passed away eight years ago due to breast cancer.

“Life used to be much better than it is now. I had a cattle breeding and cleaning business with a few workers, but now everything has changed and I even live in a car apart from showering in the gas station toilet.

“The first three months were hard to get used to, but now, I’m used to it and comfortable. As long as I can sleep and shelter from the rain and heat, I’m grateful.

“I sleep everywhere and since my regular job a month ago, I sleep near the office every Monday to Friday and at night, I continue my side work, while on weekends I do music work at a friend’s studio.

“Any work that can be done, I will do as long as I get halal money. About 90 per cent of the salary and side work proceeds are used to pay off debts,“ Ariff Peter who sang the theme song for the movie Coast Guard, Yes Sir with Zamani and once participated in Mentor’s audition .

This determined single lad admits that the predicament he is in is tiring, but he regards it as a price to be paid for the past mistakes and takes it all in a stride as a lesson.

“I went through a difficult phase and friends had left me, the few good ones left when I wasn’t at my best, they stopped answering my phone calls and disappeared on me.

“For now, I choose to live temporarily in the car and until all the debts are settled, only then will I think of renting a place,” he said.

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