KOTA KINABALU: A total of 102 people from 36 families in Beaufort have been evacuated to the temporary relief centre at Dewan Selagon as of 12 noon today.

According to the Sabah State Disaster Management Committee Secretariat, the centre houses a total of 15 men and 32 women, while the rest are 35 boys and 20 girls.

The relief centre has been open since 4 pm yesterday due to flash floods following continuous rain in the area.

“Monitoring and rescue operations are ongoing at the hotspot locations in the district due to continuous heavy rain,” it said in a statement.

In Sarawak, thirty three flood victims from seven families in Limbang district were evacuated to two PPS namely the Medamit community hall and Buluh Balui multi-purpose hall as of 3 pm.

According to Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN), the Medamit community hall is housing 17 people while the Buluh Balui multi-purpose hall has 16 victims.

“The affected areas involved Kampung Baru, Medamit, Kampung Tanjung, Kampung Buluh Balui, Kampung Ranggu, Kampung Batu Danau as well as Kampung Pandak,” according to Sarawak JPBN.

The Medamit community hall PPS has been opened since Wednesday while the PPS in Buluh Balui was activated yesterday.

Meanwhile, in Perak, JPBN in a statement said the total number of flash flood victims relocated to Sekolah Rendah Changkat Lobak PPS in Kerian district recorded an increase as of noon.

The secretariat said the PPS is housing 33 victims from seven families from Kampung Matang Tengah compared with 26 victims from four families yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) announced that Sungai Bidor in Changkat Jong was at warning level with a reading recorded at 3.22 metres.-Bernama

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