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KUALA LUMPUR: Issues relating to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and social media as well as the Payung Rahmah initiative will be among the focus of the Dewan Rakyat sitting today.

According to the Order Paper on the Parliament’s official website, Lee Chean Chung (PH-Petaling Jaya) will ask the Science, Technology and Innovation Minister to state measures taken by the ministry to control and monitor the use of AI so that its usage can benefit the people.

Kamal Ashaari (PN-Kuala Krau) will ask the Communications Minister about methods the ministry intends to carry out to ban children under 15 from having social media accounts and prevent them from following negative trends on social media.

Cha Kee Chin (PH-Rasah) will ask the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister about the current status of the Rahmah Concept, which was introduced in early 2023, and whether it will be expanded to new areas in 2024.

The sitting will then continue with the winding-up session for the debate on the motion of thanks for the Royal Address from the relevant ministries, including the Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry, the Higher Education Ministry, the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry, the Communications Ministry, and the Education Ministry.

A total of 160 MPs participated in the debate on the motion of thanks during the Dewan Rakyat sitting from Feb 27 to March 7. - Bernama