SIBU: During the inauguration of the Al-Madinah Al Husna Mosque in Sibu Jaya today, Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari (pix) couldn't hide his admiration, describing it as 'absolutely stunning.'

Completed in October at a cost of approximately RM32 million, this mosque has been a joint venture between the Sarawak government and the Sarawak Housing Development Corporation (HDC) since August 2019.

What sets this mosque apart is its groundbreaking integration of locally produced ceramic mosaics with floral motifs into one-dimensional (1D), 100 per cent handmade designs - a first of its kind in the country.

For the 5,000-strong Muslim community of Sibu Jaya, the mosque serves as a symbol of pride, boasting a distinctive exterior design and an interior adorned with Sarawak's rich cultural and ethnic elements.

The mosque also boasts advanced technology while maintaining the natural greenery of its surroundings.

“The mosque symbolises harmony and emphasises Sibu Jaya’s unique identity as a united community,“ said Abang Johari during the inauguration ceremony after Friday prayers.

Construction of the mosque started in 2019 on a 1.82-hectare plot but paused briefly during the COVID-19 pandemic before resuming. It now stands as a landmark in Sibu Jaya's development.

The mosque has a prayer area for 3,210 worshippers (ground and upper floors), outdoor areas excluded. It also includes ablution facilities, restrooms, parking for 250 cars and 35 motorcycles and a multi-purpose hall for 600 people.

Abang Johari urged the Muslim community in Sibu Jaya to utilise the mosque not just for worship but also for enhancing knowledge of Islam and fostering individual and community development.

With the completion of the Al-Madinah Al Husna Mosque, he said it would undoubtedly offer comfort for worship and various religious and community activities in Sibu Jaya. -Bernama

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