SHAH ALAM: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has reminded Malaysians not to be duped into believing the narrative of racial sentiments being played up by failed leaders who question every form of government assistance for non-Malays.

Anwar said after he began administrating the country in November last year, he had to arrange the economic framework to suit the country’s current situation, which was beset by various problems.

“The country is in the midst of a big struggle as there are those who are stirring up sentiments that the Malays have seemingly lost power, become poor and that Anwar as Prime Minister only wants to take care of the Chinese and Indians. This is the narrative they carry,” he said during his speech at the Indian Community Education Development and Future Masterplan programme at the Shah Alam Convention Centre here today.

“But you all know that and that’s why we need your cooperation to know that this is slander and untrue. I did talk about several projects for the Indian community, but there are also projects for rural folk and the Malays,” he added.

Anwar also urged the leaders of the Indian community in Malaysia to unite in a single determination regardless of their political differences, pointing out that leaders would have varying political views and policies and might sometimes take a hard stance, but coming together would help hasten government efforts.

“With that single determination I mentioned, and political will, several efforts that we choose together can be easily implemented,” he said.

Reiterating his determination to eradicate hardcore poverty before the year-end, Anwar said it should not be seen as an agenda for Indians specifically.

“I need you to give your support and endorsement. Most of the policy caters to all Malays, Indians, Chinese, Iban and Kadazan. Yes, that I accept, but overall the policy is not going to be race-based, is going to be need-based. If we talk about poverty, it is poverty,” he said. -BERNAMA