PETALING JAYA: Apartment residents have voiced complaints over a shortage of parking spaces in Selangor.

“We have more cars than parking spaces,” said Mohammad Ikbal Nabi Sarvar, who lives at Sri Manja Court here.

“There have been a lack of enforcement and ineffective solutions by the authorities to solve the parking woes at apartment complexes and housing areas.

“Residents here mainly comprise families, so the limited parking lots complicate our daily lives. It is difficult for us to navigate in and out of the compound.”

According to him, the most pressing issue contributing to the shortage at his complex is the abandoned cars left occupying lots.

“Many abandoned cars are parked at the lots while people like me drive around several times just to find a park. It is frustrating and makes us angry.”

Mohammad Ikbal added that vehicle owners have resorted to parking illegally on the main road due to the scarcity.

“If there is no parking available, we would be forced to park on the roadside some distance away and then walk all the way home.”

He urged the Petaling Jaya City Council not to ignore the problem and to come up with solutions for the benefit of the people.

“For now, the authorities should remove such abandoned cars from the parking spaces.”

Seri Setia Apartment dweller Mohd Zhafran Azmi said the shops near his abode in Sungai Way were also a contributing factor to the issue.

“The road along the commercial area is narrow, so getting a parking spot is close to impossible.”

Kampung Melayu resident Muhammad Riswan Putra said his housing estate in Ampang Jaya has been plagued by a similar situation.

“The parking here is just as bad. After 9pm, it becomes particularly challenging. Sometimes, road collisions would occur as it is so crowded and dark,” he said, adding that he has to constantly manoeuvre to avoid crashes.

“The majority of residents own more than one vehicle, so my neighbourhood is filled with cars that have ‘claimed’ any available spot.

“Inadequate signage to indicate where parking is allowed, or prohibited, adds to the chaotic situation. A crowded place like this needs parking restrictions or time limits.”

Muhammad Riswan called on the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council to step up and address the parking shortage effectively.

Selangor Housing and Real Estate Board rules require each high rise apartment to have 2.2 parking lots, low cost flats such as Rumah Selangorku are to be allocated 1.2 parking lots per unit, while a car porch must be included with each landed property.

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