PETALING JAYA: The government plans to establish a clear framework that protects human rights in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) and holds those responsible for rights violations accountable.

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Chang Lih Kang (pix) said aligning technological advancements with human rights principles is not just a moral obligation but a practical necessity for building a just and equitable society.

“While AI-powered search engines and content recommendation systems can improve access to information, promoting freedom of expression and the right to access information, it can also be used for content moderation and censorship, impacting the right to freedom of expression.

“It is imperative that we establish a foundation based on good governance and good conduct,” he told reporters after attending the 10th Asian Human Rights Defenders (HRD) Forum here today.

Chang noted that striking a balance between the benefits of AI and the protection of human rights is a significant challenge for governments, organisations, and society because the relationship between AI and human rights is complex.

Therefore, Chang said it is imperative that a comprehensive code of ethics and governance for AI is created.

He also stressed that the government continues to engage with stakeholders to create a conducive landscape for individuals and associations to promote and protect human rights peacefully.

“Despite the considerable strides the government has taken to promote Malaysia’s human rights agenda, it’s important to acknowledge that challenges in fulfilling human rights obligations are unavoidable,” he added.

Chang also emphasised that the government recognises that Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) play an indispensable role in advocating for the rights and concerns of marginalised communities.

He said these dedicated individuals and groups serve as the voice of the voiceless, tirelessly working to shed light on issues often overlooked by mainstream society and governments.

The 10th Asian HRD Forum provides a platform for over 200 HRDs to discuss their shared advocacies, struggles and hopes for promoting and protecting fundamental rights across Asia.

The three-day forum, started today is organised by the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) alongside Pusat KOMAS and Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM). -Bernama

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