KUALA LUMPUR: Several Cabinet ministers have extended greetings on the occasion of Maulidur Rasul through social media to all Muslims and invited them to recite selawat (blessings) upon Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the life and struggles of the Prophet are a highly valuable reference for all parties in the development of a nation.

“The tenacity and steadfastness of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in facing challenges and difficulties while spreading the message of Islam with determination and courage serve as an example for us, (reminding us) that we are required to be patient, persistent and resolute in leading change to achieve the desired success.

“Let this day be the day to reflect and embrace the mahmudah (praiseworthy) traits of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and practise his values, especially in strengthening unity, appreciating the diversity that Allah has ordained and respecting the various ethnicities, cultures and religions in Malaysia,” he said.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Dr Mohd Na’im Mokhtar called on Muslims to follow Allah’s commands and practise all the sayings of the Prophet. He also prayed for the love and affection of the ummah towards Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to continue to flourish.

“Indeed, the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is an excellent example for us to follow as it illuminates human life with divine light. May we be among those who receive his syafaat (intercession) on the Day of Judgement,” he said.

According to Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek the exemplary character of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) serves as a guide for all in line with the ‘Karamah Insaniah’ (respect for the dignity of mankind) approach which uplifts dignity and self-worth through the cultivation of etiquette, morality and integrity.

The Minister of Communications and Digital Fahmi Fadzil urged Muslims to practise the Prophet’s sunnah (practices, habits and traditions). He also prayed for all Muslims to continue becoming better individuals than before.

Similarly, Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said one of the ways to demonstrate love for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is by emulating his sunnah.

Meanwhile, Investment, Trade and Industry Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz called on Muslims to appreciate and emulate the brotherhood between the Prophet and his companions, in line with this year’s Maulidur Rasul theme ‘Perpaduan Teras Malaysia Madani’ (Unity is the core of Malaysia MADANI). -Bernama

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