SHAH ALAM: The water capacity at all seven dams in Selangor is reported to be at a good level of over 73 per cent as of yesterday.

Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (LUAS) said the water capacity at all the dams should be able to last for between two and six months, even if there is no rain.

“In addition, the alternative water source pool capacity of 34 cubic metres involving 100 catchment ponds can also last for about three months if there is no rain.

“Overall, the supply of raw water sources in Selangor can last for about nine months if there is no rain,” it said in a Facebook post today.

LUAS said the current river flow at the intakes of all 34 water treatment plants was also at a normal level.

The development of water catchment ponds as well as raw water sources through the Raw Water Guarantee Scheme (SJAM) initiative has also helped increase raw water reserves from six months to at least nine months, he added.